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Design Experience

In our many years of design one thing has become boldly apparent.

“It’s all about the experience”

It’s not just how it all looks in the end but the experience that a design creates that counts. Thought provoking, engaging, enlightening, informative. A good design creates a feeling and delivers depth.

Dismissing strategy behind any design leads to a poor user experience and in most cases delivers a disjointed design that feels confused about what it really wants to be.

Design is never just about the visuals, it’s inclusive of the theories that back the visuals and what gives meaning to your product or service.


only the best

Quality Driven Design

In a fast-moving disposable world we strive to stand out with the unique, bold & daring. We accomplish this by hand-crafting your dreams and ideas from scratch, ensuring you’re presented with something original from the start.

Funk & Tall is highly driven by creativity, quality & honesty. With a transparent approach to our design, we create a culture that embodies everything we stand for.

We strive for excellence in everything that we do.

“Creative design shines through a different lens here…”


embrace creativity
& unleash AWESOMENESS!


Don’t be a glitch in the system. Get a website that's up to date, responsive & comes standard with basic SEO and a whole host of awesome integration options!

Change the way you view website maintenance with a stunning user friendly Content Management System (CMS) that even YOU can manage. Hosting a smooth drag + drop editing system with super simple one click interactions that make maintaining your new website a breeze.

Our websites range from single page invitation / business-card-style websites through to high-capacity online stores and everything in between. Showcasing the best of the best in terms of form & function with high-end customisation throughout. Check out our packages and get in touch, we can plan to any budget.

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From the smallest icon to the largest campaign, we pour our full mix of creative juices into each and every project.

Using the latest software and utilising new technologies we create meaningful design through creative thinking. Bringing our client’s dreams to life and sharing them with the world has cultivated some of our best moments. We enjoy hearing their stories, seeing their visions & building confidence in their goals.

We love good design in the right place and what it stands for, so if we can show the world the gravity of that and why it demands respect then we'll be happy little Vegemites.


We supply our clients with complete brand packages, for startups or established brand refreshes, and brand management services for all businesses.

If you’re not sure how your brand is performing or feel it lacks your vision we can go through a FREE consultation that breaks down your strengths and weaknesses and sets you up with a plan for the future.

We go through everything from start to finish, from idea - to concept - to reality.
Make it happen today, give us a call &…

…like a ROCKSTAR!


"A picture says a thousand words" as the age-old saying goes. People love being visually entertained in a way that delights the senses and really grabs their attention, makes them wonder or provokes thought.

Make a big impression with editorial illustrations, company mascots, campaign illustrations or general illustration for personal or professional purposes alike. We also take on commission projects and produce high end work for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The scope of styles, mediums & content is limited only by imagination - limitless!

Hit us up with your wants & needs and we’ll crank out your vision with a professional, stress-free process that has you coming back for more every time. Make a difference and shine!


With a strong background in pre-press design for print, we understand the unique power of printed media and what it can accomplish. Whether it’s a highway billboard or a DL flyer, quality and precision is everything.

We ‘keep it real’ by using sustainable practices and Australian suppliers wherever possible, providing your business with all your print requirements with peace of mind. Our main focus is providing our brands with quality stationery items and printed media in our brand packages. Our products are just too good to keep to ourselves though so we offer them separately to all our clients. You’d be surprised what we can get a logo on these days.

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