Digital Design for a New Age

We’re not toting ourselves as THE BEST DESIGN COMPANY EVER! that’s just ridiculous… but we’re close!

With over 10 years in the industry, we have an eye for detail and proven strategies that put you on top. Whether it’s just getting your pre-designed project printed or creating awesome from scratch, Funk & Tall has the solution!

Our graphic design service includes a wide variety of aspects including digital media strategy & design, design for print media, some brand management components & media advertising. With a list like that it’s no wonder your unsure about what “Graphic Design” really is! It’s such a broad spectrum of creative services that it can’t be pinned as any one thing.

Check out what we offer and make the move towards looking great today.


Digital Design

Website design planning

Social media design

Digital ad design

Custom email templates

Digital stationery


Design for Print

Business stationery

Promotional media

Events & displays

Building & vehicle signage

Publishing layout & design



Media planning

Promotional advertising

Digital campaigns

Social media advertising


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